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Since 1945

Cantieri di Pisa began building military and civilian boats in 1945.
In the modern era it became famous starting from 1960 when it conceived a series of motor yachts named after the stars of the Eridanus constellation, forging and consolidating its fame in the iconic Akhir series, the brightest star of the constellation that also became the symbol of Cantieri di Pisa.

Our fleet

We are able to provide assistance for any type of boat, even if it has not been built at Cantieri di Pisa shipyards.

Cantieri di Pisa has kept all the projects and drawings of all the boats built up to the present moment thanks to a cooperation with the University of Pisa. The entire history of Cantieri di Pisa has been digitized, then we can offer a complete maintenance / refit service for all boats of any age of the shipyard.

We make it a point to assist our customers, in a perfect world, we guarantee our customers all-round support. The strategy of Cantieri di Pisa considers after sale assistance a milestone of customer success and satisfaction.
Our technical teams are available to assist you on and off site for any problem concerning spare parts.


Our mission is also projected to special designs giving an existing vessel or work boats a new life refurbishing its shapes and spaces which will take the signature of Cantieri di Pisa.


Cantieri di Pisa custom division is the solution for the demanding owner who wants a shipyard where he can carry out his project, but with the value of a historical brand.