Cantieri di Pisa new Projects

Monaco September 24th, 2015
CANTIERI DI PISA is a historical brand of the Italian yachting industry.

Its history began in 1945 in Limite sull’Arno, a town in Tuscany characterized by a great and ancient shipwright tradition. The new yard, which still dominates the Darsena Pisana, was built in 1956 and it is there that, in the seventies, CANTIERI DI PISA reached the climax of its success also thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the architect Pier Luigi Spadolini.

In 1973, the company became synonymous of Italian quality in the world of yachting, and carried on designing and building yachts that, thanks to the perfect combination of aesthetic innovation and superior quality, represent even now a benchmark for every yacht builder all over the world.

In 2015, CANTIERI DI PISA is back with new owners and the intention of preserving the identity of the shipyard, enhancing the elegance, the essential style and the supreme quality of its products.

Across the decades, CANTIERI DI PISA has set several new stars in the firmament of yacht-building, thanks to its iconic designs. These icons are about to be revived and at the same time adapted to the evolving needs of the customers, in terms of construction, layout, habitability and technology.

At the moment, the shipyard took over the work again finishing the construction of three boats in GRP, designed by Galeazzi and that will become part of CANTIERI DI PISA’s range.

We are also proud to announce two new projects, both characterized by the alloy hull (Kitalpha also available in the steel hull version) that represent the first step in this phase of renewal.

In a constantly expanding universe, there are no limits for new stars to come.
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